About Dorothy Porker

Dorothy Porker, a tattooed brunette with bangs, posed as the virgin Mary wearing a turquoise mantel with white trim, but holding a plate of fries with fries floating around her head like a hallo.

My name is Mieke, I am a non-Francophile Dutch-Indonesian living in the South Charente in France with my pardner, three cats and dog, Tofu. We will host writer’s retreats in our gite starting somewhere in 2022.

My approach to food

While I think eating with an eye on the planet and human rights is important, I loathe all other forms of moral finger pointing surrounding food (‘healthy’, ‘guilty pleasure’, ‘lazy’, ‘ready-made’). The diet industry and the patriarchy have been spreading nasty ideas about women’s bodies for decades to line their own pockets, leaving too many of us with bad relationships with food, our bodies and ourselves. Never mind the way capitalism is depleting us all of our energy, time and resources and making food less and less accessible. I don’t want to add to that. Life is complicated enough, food should be fun and enjoyable, so rather than add stress to your day-to-day I hope to bring you joy in the form of approachable recipes and bad jokes.

Besides quirky photography, I am mostly known for low effort high flavor recipes. You can read more about how to approach my recipes (or recipes in general) here and on my philosophy on ingredients here.

I’ve shot photos, developed recipes and written for Tummie Magazine, The Cheese Mag and Whetstone, among others.

The cover of the book Nomnomnom by Dorothy Porker on a pink monochromatic sprinkled backdrop. The book has a yellow spine. On the cover the title Nomnomnom is repeating itself in a saucy thick font. There is a swirl of pink and white dividing the background and a hand clasping a piece of lasagne in front. A small bubble indicated the name of the author.


My first cookbook Nomnomnom was published by Fontaine Uitgevers in the Netherlands in September 2021. It went into its second printing almost immediately, got great coverage in most Dutch and Flemmish print media and was nominated for Het Gouden Kookboek and Kookboek van het Jaar while being mentioned in a number of end of year lists. There are no plans for an English edition at this point.

Dorothy Parker

Quite obviously, my name isn’t really Dorothy Porker. You can read more about Dorothy Parker here.

RIP Vette Sletten, we barely knew ye

While I originally also ran Vette Sletten in Dutch I am now phasing out Vette Sletten because Dutch people speak English and I am too chronically ill to be spending this much time running two websites when there could just be one.