About Dorothy Porker

My name is Mieke. I’m a Dutch-Indonesian 40-something living under a very large mulberry tree in the South West of France with my partner, our three cats, Kitty, Smokey and Noodle, and our dog, Tofu. We will host writer’s retreats in our gîte La Forge starting in 2024.

A food philosophy of sorts

While I think eating with an eye on the planet and human rights is important, I loathe all other forms of moral finger pointing surrounding food that affects our relationship with our bodies (‘healthy’, ‘guilty pleasure’, ‘lazy’, ‘dirty’).

The diet industry and the patriarchy have been spreading horrible ideas about women’s bodies for decades to line their own pockets, leaving too many of us with bad relationships with food, our bodies and ourselves. Never mind the way capitalism is depleting us all of our energy, time and resources and making food less and less accessible. I don’t want to add to that.

What can you find on my foodblog

Life is complicated enough, food should be fun and enjoyable, so rather than add stress to your day-to-day I hope to bring you joy in the form of approachable recipes with a certain degree of sustainability built into them. If you are a first time visitor I highly recommend you read about my approach to recipe writing as well.

I will be sharing mostly vegan and vegetarian recipes here from the unhealthy amount of cookbooks I keep in my kitchen on a semi-weekly basis.

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