Media & Nominations

Below you will find an overview of the media in which Dorothy Porker and Vette Sletten have been mentioned and also the prizes for which I have been nominated.

A Playmobil diver surrounded by red cooked octopus tentacles on a rusty red background with the Pink Lady Food Photo Award logo at the top left


Dorothy Porker has been nominated twice for the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Award, once in 2020 and again 2021, in the categories food bloggers and the Claire Aho Award for Women Photographers respectively.


• In Digestion #18

"Dorothy Porker lays out a recipe philosophy to live by for Dorothy Porker. Mantras don’t have to be pious, they just have to work, and here are just so many: “Ovens are assholes and everyone of them is different, so I’m afraid you’re going to have to get to know yours and adjust the temperatures according to your personal asshole.” With publications like the LA Times and Epicurious restating their functional and philosophical commitments, this is a signal example of how to do it well."

• From the Desk of Alicia Kennedy: On Ingredients

While I could add Dutch media here I am going to assume you won’t be able to read those, so I have not added them here. If you would like to see where in Dutch media I have been featured as well, please visit Vette Sletten for my media and nominations page.

• The Family Cookbook: Dutch-Indonesian food identity, between two worlds

For The Family Cookbook Co. the lovely Sarah Yeoman wrote a wonderful piece about Dutch-Indonesian food identity and recreated my gado gado recipe for her followers both in her stories and with her amazing photography.

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