Why donate?

You may have noticed that I ask for donations on this website. This is because I currently do not run any advertisements or a very limited number of so-called affiliate links on my website.

This does mean that I am not making any money running these website(s) at the moment and that I front all the costs involved, from hosting to photography, to props and recipe development.

I prefer to continue without ads, because I don’t want to support that scary big company that starts with a G and ends in oogle, and I also prefer to continue with only a few affiliate links. Affiliate links are links where I receive a small amount for every link that I place to a certain site when you follow that link and order something. The companies where this would be the most useful for me are also the companies that threaten my favorite stores the most, so ideally I don’t want to help these companies either. As one of the Dutch bookstore chains has started to offer affiliate links I am now using some affiliate links on my Dutch website, but I have yet to find any ethical shops that would allow me to do the same on this website.

Since my wallet is not bottomless (quite the contrary), it is possible that in future I will have switch to placing advertisements and ‘bad’ affiliate links. As much as I would love to start a Patreon or Substack newsletter, my health wouldn’t allow me to deliver consistent exclusives for subscribers.

To avoid my becoming dependent on ads or ‘bad’ affiliate links you can make a small donation via Paypal or you can hire me for paid work.

Don’t you have a book coming out?

Yes, I did write, style and shoot a cookbook in Dutch, but an advance in the Netherlands is about 2 months’ moderate income before tax and you reinvest at least half that to recipe test, style and shoot so that minus the year’s worth of work means it’s more of a labor of love than anything else, unless it becomes a best seller (ha!). Of course to support me you can also order my cookbookΒ or my postcard set, just keep in mind the book is in Dutch.

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