Annie Fromage in Cheese Mag Issue 3

A picture of a long haired blonde brunnette sticking out her tongue at the camera, the tongue is made of a slice of soft cheese.

I’m a little behind on promoting stuff I worked on in the past couple of years, but it’s never too late so here we are.

End of summer 2021, in the week Nomnomnom was published, in between my book presentation and a quick trip to France to scope out the house we now live in, I trekked out to Ransdorp to shoot Annie Fromage and her award winning cheeses for Cheese Magazine Issue 3. Cheese Mag is a wonderful independent magazine about (shocker) cheese, run by the lifegoals team of Anna Sulan Masing, Holly Catford, Apoorva Sripathi and Jean-Baptise Beroud (who I can’t find on Instagram).

A stack of soft round cheeses on top of a cheese press and a grill with salt imprints from brined cheeses. The bottom cheese is cut in half and is a young, non-aged version of the soft cheese, in the middle is the soft cheese of about a week old and the top cheese is aged to completion.

I was super excited to be able to feature one of my favorite cheese makers and possibly humans from the Netherlands and give her a slice of the platform she so very much deserves. My only regrets are making a heavily pregnant woman hold a very pungent piece of cheese on her tongue and hitting so many firsts (first time shooting on location, first time shooting a portrait) for both a paying client and a deserving subject.

A glass dome holding various cheeses produced by Annie Fromage, from a non-aged soft white cheese, an overly aged soft white, a small soft white, a cheddar and a munster type cheese triangle on top.

You can still order Cheese Magazine Issue 3 here to read the full interview. Pictures and words by me.

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