Cookie Policy

Last update: December 3rd 2018

1. The use of cookies

Dorothy Porker makes use of so-called cookies. A cookie is a small file that is downloaded along with the content and pages of this website and/ or flash-applications and saved by your browser to the hard drive of your computer, cell phone, smart watch or tablet. This saved information can then be sent back to Dorothy Porker during future visits.

The use of cookies is of great importance in the functioning of this website, but even cookies you cannot see the effect of yourself are important. Thanks to the anonymous input of users Dorothy Porker can improve the use of this website and make it more user friendly.

2. Permission to use cookies

For the use of certain cookies Dorothy Porker needs your permission. Dorothy Porker does this through the use of a so-called cookie banner, shown at the bottom of the website during your first visit or until you’ve set your cookie preferences.

3. The cookies in use and their purpose

Dorothy Porker uses the following types of cookies:

Anonymised analytical cookies: these ensure that every time you visit this website an anonymous cookie is generated. These cookies know if you’ve visited the website before or not. The cookie is created during your first visit. During future visits the initial cookie will be used. This cookie is used solely for analytical purposes, is completely anonymised and allows for the following data to be collected:

  • Unique visitors
  • Returning visitors
  • Page views per visitor
  • Length of a visit and of page views
  • Exit page
  • Social media related cookies: these cookies are used by social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest to see which articles and pages you have shared through their social sharing buttons. They may also contain tracking cookies that follow your surfing behavior on the web and are controlled and managed by the respective social media platforms

4. Blocking or removing cookies

You can remove cookies at all times through your internet browser. You can also adjust your internet browser so you get a notification whenever a new cookie is installed. You can also indicate that you do not want certain cookies to be installed at all. Check the help function of your browser to explore these options further.
How to adjust your settings differs from browser to browser. You can either refer to the helpfunction of your browser or check the links below for more information on cookie settings for the most commonly used browsers:

5. New developments and unforeseen cookies

The texts on this website can be adjusted at any time due to continuous developments. This includes but is not limited to the cookie policy. Please check this cookie policy regularly for any changes.

In blog posts on Dorothy Porker some content may be embedded from other websites, think of for example YouTube or Twitter embedded videos. These codes make use of cookies. Dorothy Porker does not have any influence on how these cookies perform.

It’s possible that other cookies are being installed by third parties through this website, that Dorothy Porker may not be aware of. Have you found a cookie from this website that is not listed in this overview? Please let Dorothy Porker know by contacting info at dorothy porker dot com or contact the third party directly to ask what cookies they’ve installed, what the use of this cookie is, how long it will remain active and how they ensure your privacy.

7. Closing statements

Dorothy Porker will have to adjust policy from time to time, for example when adjustments are made to the website or when laws surrounding cookie placement are changed. You can check this page for the latest update.

For questions and/ or comments please contact porkerdorothy at gmail dot com.