My Cookbook Nomnomnom Is Out Now!

By Mieke

I know this post is kind of pointless here, because my book is only available in Dutch, but still: SHE’S HERE! My book Nomnomnom is finally out and available in Dutch and Belgian bookstores now. Okay, she already came out last week, but I was swamped signing and shipping pre-orders and processing all the incredibly positive reactions so far.

Still, I thought it was time to pay a little attention to my book here as well, including what has been said in the media so far and an explanation about how and where you can order or buy signed books and what’s up next for me.

Nomnomnom in the media

Nomnomnom has received media intention in virtually all Dutch and Flemish printed press, so much so that I can’t list everything here. Nevermind that it’s in Dutch so what do you care.

Highlights include this interview on including the below quote by Laurie Woolever that had me up at night (with glee, obviously)

“Dorothy Porker’s book is something you’ll want to own, just for the wit and art of the photography and food styling, and all of the practical information about what to keep in your pantry, where you can swap in ready-made items, and how to have fun and be successful in the kitchen. Some books are fun, or clever, or beautiful, or useful, but Nomnomnom is all of those things.”

Knack also published a very nice interview and recommendation this week, including a recipe from the book. If you are so inclined, you can run these links through an auto-translation tool.

Team bookstore! Where can you find Nomnomnom?

What I am especially thrilled about is how supportive bookstores have been of my book. Teen-Dorothy fave Broese in Utrecht and Boekenbar in Utrecht have both promoted me in their stories online. I will be signing books on Saturday the 28th of August from 15.30 at De Kler in Leiden. Scheltema in Amsterdam have also asked me to come and sign some books (order a signed copy from their website here). Beyond that Nomnomnom was spotted by many friends in shop windows and on shop tables alike.

And somehow Nomnomnom has already made it into the cookbook top 10 with the Libris bookstores.

I have to say, as someone who’s favorite place is the bookstore (any bookstore), I love to see it. So because I prefer to focus on writing, cooking and photography, from here on out I will leave the sale of Nomnomnom to bookstores.

So now what?

Next Tuesday I will have a little book launch celebration among friends. After that I hope to start sharing recipes again.

Nominations – update april 2022

Nomnomnom was nominated for both Het Gouden Kookboek and Kookboek van het Jaar, the two major cookbook awards in the Netherlands. Both Trouw, a large Dutch newspaper, and Dutch Cosmopolitan included Nomnomnom in top 10 cookbook listicles, another honor.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of my weird ass, to everyone who pre-ordered both from myself and from bookstores and to everyone who’s loved the book since before it’s been out. It’s been a ride.

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