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NOMNOMNOM is available from all Dutch bookstores, both in store, online or to order. Signed pre-orders via my own website are sold out and will not be restocked. Please read the description below to find out where you could get your copy of NOMNOMNOM.

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Please note: this was a pre-order for signed copies. Pre-orders were shipped on August 18th and 19th. I will no longer be selling signed copies or copies of my book because it is too labor intensive and I would like to focus on cooking, writing and photography.

Nomnomnom is widely available to order or pick up in on- and offline Dutch bookstores.

If you would like for me to receive an extra amount for the purchase of your book, you can order my book via this affiliate link from Libris (choose your local favorite Libris for delivery) and I will receive a percentage of the retail price. I am happy for you to support any local independent bookstore.

About Nomnomnom

Nomnomnom is published by Fontaine Uitgevers and can be ordered or picked up from Dutch bookstores now. If you are based in the Netherlands, look up your local bookstore online and order Nomnomnom or other books through their website or by giving them a call. You’ll won’t just help me and other authors, but you’ll really help local bookstores and publishers, who are struggling with the pandemic.

English edition

Note where ever you get the book, it is in Dutch. At the moment there are no plans for an English edition of the book. If you are a publisher, contact me at porker dorothy at gmail dot com so we can talk.

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