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Shortlist Pink Lady Awards 2022

Hurray! I am once again nominated for a Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Award!

This time I am nominated in the category Production Paradise Previously Published with the photograph I took for Tummie Magazine #2 Heet to accompany my recipe for chipotle chocolate mousse, which I combined with Cathy Erway‘s recipe for chili crisp peanut brittle. You can find Cathy’s recipe here.

Tummie Magazine is a new Dutch-Flemish independent food magazine that brings together people from the Dutch and Flemish worlds of food, something which sadly wasn’t really happening before, so it’s a real enrichment of local food media (I’m not just saying this because I contributed). They focus on a specific theme each issue, #2 and #3 are still available in their webshop but it is in Dutch so kind of useless if you don’t speak the language, even if it does come with pretty picture.

You can check out the full list of Pink Lady 2022 nominees here.

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Shortlist Pink Lady Awards 2020

I am incredibly proud to announce I have been shortlisted for the Pink Lady Food Photography Awards 2020 in the category Food Bloggers.

You can find all the other nominees on their website, be sure to have a look at there are some mad talented people nominated in 2020.

A Playmobil astronaut, surrounded by purple cooked octopus tentacles on a space backdrop

Octopus, no more, no more

This photo was one in a series of two, and the last time I ever worked with or ate octopus. You can find my octopus-recipes and my reasoning behind no longer eating one of my favorite foods here:

Zoek je dit nieuws in het Nederlands, ga dan naar VetteSletten.nl voor het nieuws over mijn nominatie voor de Pink Lady Awards 2020.