The Island of Indisch for Whetstone Volume 9

By Mieke

Still on those late self promo bits, for Whetstone Volume 9 about why you can’t really get good Indonesian food, but you can get great Indisch food in the Netherlands. I really used the article as a little excuse to explain the complex history of Indo-European people in the colonial Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia). A translation will appear in the Dutch Review of Books shortly.

I’m quite proud of this one as I originally pitched it to Vittles, who rejected me (best rejection ever?) but referred me to Whetstone instead. There I was initially signed on for an online article before being moved to print as we worked on the article over the summer of 2021. It was a true squeeeee is this really happening moment and a real pleasure to work with Layla Schlack as my editor.

Sarah Arnoff Yeoman was kind enough to provide her gado gado photo to the piece, which she had originally shot for Savor Cookbooks, a project you must check out if you are interested in creating a custom family cookbook.

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