Work with Dorothy

Dorothy Porker surrounded by pink tule ruffles biting into a butterbar

Interested in collaborating with me? I am available for the projects below and can be reached at porker dorothy at gmail dot com.

Food photography and styling

As you have hopefully guessed from this website, I have a unique perspective on food photography and styling. I prefer to work from home but am also available on location or for remote art direction where I share a concept and mood board with a more local food photographer and stylist of your choice.

In the past I have assisted Vanja van der Leeden in foodstyling for a shoot for Libelle magazine. In addition, I provide all of photography and styling for this website and have taken care of all the photography and styling for my book NOMNOMNOM that will be published in the Netherlands with Fontaine Publishers on August 26, 2021.

Recipe development

Besides my original look and feel in terms of food photography and styling, it may be clear that I am pretty good at developing original and accessible recipes. I am available for recipe development, ideally in combination with photography and styling assignments from home.

In the past I developed, styled and shot my Bob Rösti recipe for the Bob Ross glossy for Museum MORE in Gorssel. I’ve also developed all the recipes for this website and for my book NOMNOMNOM.

Food writing

I have a background in media studies and previously wrote articles for One World (in Dutch), Africa is a Country and Litro Magazine. These articles focus on colonialism and racism but more recently international food journalists started taking note when I shared my recipe and ingredient disclaimers here and I would like to write more serious food pieces in earnest.

For example, associate editor James Hansen of Eater London shared my recipe disclaimer in his newsletter In Digestion and wrote:

‘Dorothy Porker lays out a recipe philosophy to live by. Mantras don’t have to be pious, they just have to work, and here are just so many: “Ovens are assholes and everyone of them is different, so I’m afraid you’re going to have to get to know yours and adjust the temperatures according to your personal asshole. ” With publications like the LA Times and Epicurious restating their functional and philosophical commitments, this is a signal example of how to do it well. ‘

Where reviews are concerned I prefer cookbook and product reviews. Both due to the way restaurants have been affected by the pandemic and my personal view that restaurant reviewers need a certain distance from the industry, I am not interested in writing restaurant reviews.

Brand ambassadorship

I am available for product ambassadorship but I prefer sustainable long-term relationships (think 6 months to a year or longer) with producers who are invested in sustainability in the broadest sense of the word. If you are a small producer and you’re looking for something more short term, you’re of course always free to contact me. I was previously a product ambassador for Cheeses from Switzerland Benelux.

If you have a product that you would like to share with me, contact me for my address and send it over. I will share the product upon receipt and will probably share it again if I love it. If I I don’t love it I usually won’t share anything beyond the ‘unboxing’, because I am not interested in tearing down small businesses (big businesses are free game though, sorry not sorry).

I do not use free products in my photography on this website or on my social media channels. If you would like me to use your product in a shoot, you can contact porker dorothy at gmail dot com to share a sample and a quote. Note I will not do paid promotions for products I don’t like or that aren’t an authentic fit with my other output.

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Help! I don’t have any money but I would like to collaborate

Are you a small independent food magazine but would you like to use my work? Get in touch so we can discuss this.

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