Would you like to hire me but are you curious about who I’ve worked with before? Read more about previous brands, companies and magazines that I’ve worked with below.

Cheeses from Switzerland – OONA Agency

For Cheeses from Switzerland, in collaboration with OONA Agency, I created a number of sponsored posts including a recipe for Swiss cheese fondue to promote Appenzeller cheese and another recipe for a cheese fondue grilled cheese sandwich, shared via my Instagram stories. The recipes can be found permanently on my website and in my story highlights.

Bob Ross Glossy – Museum MORE

For the Bob Ross Glossy that was published for the Bob Ross exhibition of Museum MORE, I developed a Bob Rösti recipe with accompanying photography. The photo and recipe can also be found in my first cookbook Nomnomnom.


For Wilthagen in Tholen I created a number of sponsored posts with a give-away for their circularly produced krupuk and pork scratchings.

A grocery basket filled with Asian ingredients, supplies, snacks and ready-meals.

Asian Food Lovers

I collaborated on a give-away with online Asian grocery store Asian Food Lovers to go with my blogpost on what to get at the toko.


I am currently working on a recipe development job for the print edition of Morgenmete magazine in the US. and on May 7, 2021, my contribution, a photo and recipe with ‘punch’, will appear in the new edition of Tummie magazine.

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