Shortlist Pink Lady Awards 2021

By Mieke

I’m proud to announce I have once again been shortlisted for the Pink Lady Food Photography Awards. This year I am nominated for the new Claire Aho Awards for Women Photographers.

As most of the work I did last year was shot for my book, I was only able to enter two pieces. So I am extra proud I got shortlisted.


This piece is an outtake from my book Nomnomnom.

Hail Mary, Mother of Fries: The process

The vision came to me after seeing a drag queen create a crown using zip-ties and a hairband during a late night TikTok binge. I’d been trying to figure out an interesting way to shoot fries for the book and this seemed like a perfectly sensible solution.

It took me 3 days and a lot of 3d collage glue to stick the fries to the crown. I wrapped myself in a bedroom curtain and got to shooting. Shooting self portraits is always incredibly hard, especially when you’re semi-draped in heavy velvet curtains. But I managed to get three decent shots out of it. One because I could not sit on this shot until August 2021 and wanted to share it immediately, and a second one for the book itself.

I then hired Retouchup to remove the zip-tie frame from the image and create a composite of two images. Because I preferred the face from one, but the hands from another. Usually I can manage Photoshop myself, but in this case it was better to let the pros handle it. And there she was: Mary of Fries.

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