Kitchen Table Magazine #4 Cover

By Mieke

As mentioned I am a little behind with the shameless self promotion, so here’s another one from the books. Summer 2021 was a lot what with the book coming out and us hauling ass to France to try and buy this house, so a lot of stuff slipped through the cracks.

In summer 2021 I shot the cover image for Kitchen Table Magazine #4, The Rebuild Issue. There was a lot of back and forth between me and founder Brett Warnock on what we could do, and ultimately while I initially had wanted to shoot something dramatic and epic, like a take on the community fridges that were popping up in various places at the time, we landed on something very clean and simple that was more open to interpretation (and allowed space for the header and other text).

Really proud of where we landed, good to know this is a little sprouting tomato plant for those interested. Be sure to check out Kitchen Table Magazine on Instagram and order their issues (I recommend the full meal deal), they’re well worth a read.

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